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Createx CANDY2O 4030 INTERCOAT CLEAR 120M - DILUENTE/reducer

Createx CANDY2O 4030 INTERCOAT CLEAR 120M - DILUENTE/reducerCreatex CANDY2O 4030 INTERCOAT CLEAR 120M - DILUENTE/reducer
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4000 Series sealers, additives & cleaners
Mix 4030 Balancing Clear 10 - 25% per volume or more with Auto Air Colors for improved performance on non-porous, hard surfaces.
Special mix ratio for candy2o: airbrush ? 50% per vol. , spray-gun 50 to 100% per vol.
4030 mixed with Auto Air Colors paint creates an acrylic-urethane paint which greatly improves spray performance.
Leveling, flow and coating formation is improved when 4030 is mixed with Auto Air Colors.
4030 works as an adhesion promoter when mixed with Auto Air Colors, perfect for painting plastics, vinyl and most any surface that is difficult for paint to adhere to.
Auto Air Colors dry hard and durable quickly when mixed with 4030.
4030 also works as an inter-coat when applied over Auto Air Colors. Reduce 10% 4012 High Performance Reducer when applying 4030 as an inter-coat. 4030 DOES NOT PREVENT BLEED-THROUGH of candy2o into other candy2o colors. Use a catalyzed clear to lock candy2o when painting successive candy colors.
4030 appears milky in solution, dries clear. Colors dry satin finish when mixed with 4030

4600 Series candy2O - TRUE CANDY PERFORMANCE
Brilliant transparent colors for custom refinishing and airbrushing. candy?O combine advanced water-soluble, urethane resin technology with crystal-clear dyes to create truly exceptional candy colors.

candy2O are concentrate. Add 10% per volume (9:1 mix ratio) 4030 Intercoat for spray performance. Optional lowering of viscosity is achieved by reducing with either 4012 High Performance or 4020 Automotive Reducer.

candy2O are intense. 4 - 6 medium wet coats are recommended for full color saturation. Allow each coat to air dry tack free prior; approximately 10 minutes flash time in between coats when painting in non-humid, temperate conditions.

candy2O are made for the graphic arts with excellent adhesion so they will not lift or peel when taped on. Apply 4030 Intercoat direct over air-driedcandy?O to prevent bleeding when applying other colors and marking when taping.

candy2O work with a wide variety of spray-gun and airbrushes. The following specs are recommended as a starting point. As always, achieving a finely atomized spray pattern is the goal. Reduce and adjust settings & psi to achieve a spray pattern that is smooth and free of large, color droplets or a ?grainy? over-spray look.

spray-gun: 1.2 - 1.3mm tip, 25 - 35 psi
mini-gun: 0.8 ? 1.0mm, 25 ? 35 psi
airbrush: 0.5mm - mixing with 4030 generally enough, smaller tip-sizes reduce with 4012 High Performance or 4020 Automotive Reducer as needed to achieve optimum atomizatio


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